BEWARE: When You’re On A Success Wave

When everything seems to be going just right in your life, when everything is  falling into place and you feel happy, alive, success and excitement is in the  air – it is at these times that it is even more important to stop and reflect  and keep your eye out on where you are going and exactly what you are doing.

Why is it so important?

Because when things are going really well it is easy to get swept up in the  wave of success and not see all that is actually going on through all that white  wash. And when you can’t see so clearly even for a moment that’s when – Wham a  surfboard can smack you in the face and suddenly you’re thrown off the wave,  you’re being dumped and this can almost feel like you are about to drown when  only moments ago you felt like you were on top of the world riding your success  wave super fast all the way to shore.


Why does this happen?

Because sometimes you can become so focused on your goal and riding the wave  to your success that you didn’t stop for breath, you didn’t pay enough attention  to the changes that are happening around you so fast, you’re not fully aware of  others impact around you.

When things are going bad it is often easy or even too easy to see all of the  bad, when it’s calm seas and blue skies and no wash you have plenty of time to  prepare for the next big wave but when up on the wave because it can take you so  high up so quickly you can lose sight of the ground, you lose your sense of  where you are and then fall off the wave and be hit harder than ever, dumped on  shore in a spluttering mess instead of cruising in on your board to find your  feet firmly back on the ground.

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We all have highs and lows don’t forget to stop and pay attention to what’s  going on around you when you feel like you’re at the top of your game.


Writen by Jerry

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