BEWARE: When You’re On A Success Wave

When everything seems to be going just right in your life, when everything is  falling into place and you feel happy, alive, success and excitement is in the  air – it is at these times that it is even more important to stop and reflect  and keep your eye out on where you are going and exactly what you are doing.

Why is it so important?

Because when things are going really well it is easy to get swept up in the  wave of success and not see all that is actually going on through all that white  wash. And when you can’t see so clearly even for a moment that’s when – Wham a  surfboard can smack you in the face and suddenly you’re thrown off the wave,  you’re being dumped and this can almost feel like you are about to drown when  only moments ago you felt like you were on top of the world riding your success  wave super fast all the way to shore.


Why does this happen?

Because sometimes you can become so focused on your goal and riding the wave  to your success that you didn’t stop for breath, you didn’t pay enough attention  to the changes that are happening around you so fast, you’re not fully aware of  others impact around you.

When things are going bad it is often easy or even too easy to see all of the  bad, when it’s calm seas and blue skies and no wash you have plenty of time to  prepare for the next big wave but when up on the wave because it can take you so  high up so quickly you can lose sight of the ground, you lose your sense of  where you are and then fall off the wave and be hit harder than ever, dumped on  shore in a spluttering mess instead of cruising in on your board to find your  feet firmly back on the ground.

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We all have highs and lows don’t forget to stop and pay attention to what’s  going on around you when you feel like you’re at the top of your game.


10 Reasons to Love Your 9-5 Job – Part 2

5. Ability to Leave Work at Work

This might not always be the case, but most of the time I am able to leave work issues at work once my day is over. If an employee is expected to be on call beyond the regular 9-5 she is usually compensated for some way for that expectation. Since 9-5 employees are expected to show up and work their assigned hours, time off the clock is generally respected. I absolutely love my weekends and evenings when I don’t have to be in the office when other people at my firm might be working.


6. Clearly Defined Roles

One thing I really respect about my day job is the fact that I am just expected to do legal work, and maybe help out with some clerical duties as well. I don’t have to try wearing other hats like those who are self-employed must do. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about billing the clients, advertising, paying the bills or any of the other things a business owner has to do on top of providing a service to customers or clients. I just show up and do my particular work and leave the other things to someone else.

7. Predictability

The nature of working 9-5 Monday through Friday really lends itself to a life of predictability. I know what may day is going to look like during the workweek and it allows me to plan accordingly. I can get into a groove with a schedule and I don’t have to worry so much about planning routine tasks. Because I know when I’m going to go grocery shopping, run or wash laundry, I can free up some mental bandwidth for other things.

8. Collaboration with Others

This element is related to #4, but it is a slightly different benefit. As a fairly new attorney, I greatly appreciate the fact that there are other smart people around me to go to with questions. Chances are, someone with more experience has encountered the issue I’m dealing with and can offer advice. Not only that, but having someone else to collaborate with can really help you get a different perspective and devise a great plan.


9. Extrinsic Motivation

At my day job, I often rely on extrinsic motivation to complete my work. While it is true that relying solely on this type of motivation can make it hard to stick with the work for the long haul, I do find that it is useful. As I mentioned in #1, the biggest form of extrinsic motivation is the steady paycheck. Even when I find my motivation flagging, I remind myself that I’m getting paid and receiving other random benefits, so I suck it up and do my work. It never fails, because I know if I don’t do my work, I will probably lose my job!

10. Other Perks

Finally, I am appreciative for the other perks of working a full time job for an employer that don’t quite rise to the level of employment benefits. For instance, my employer pays for my state bar dues, offsetting the cost of practicing law. My parking at my office building is also paid and I often enjoy the water and coffee at the office. Not only that, but occasionally I get a free lunch or sweet treat to celebrate someone’s birthday. Small perks like these are a nice little benefit of my 9-5 and I appreciate them. If I were on my own, I would bear these costs myself.

Of course this list is pretty generic and definitely does not apply to every 9-5 job. I do believe at least a few of these things would apply to most full time positions.So tell me, what do you think is the best part about a regular 9-5 job?

10 Reasons to Love Your 9-5 Job

I have a love/hate relationship with my 9-5 (well, honestly, it’s 9-6) job. There are definitely several things I like about it, but sometimes, I crave a bit more flexibility and freedom in my day. This is something that’s been on my mind quite a bit in recent weeks as I’ve had to work late hours, deal with stressful deadlines and miss daytime events that meant a lot to me.

Even though my job gets me down sometimes, I am actually quite grateful for it. The legal industry has been brutal in the past few years and I consider myself lucky to have a job, even if it doesn’t pay that much. Since I’m a big believer in practicing gratitude, I thought I would list 10 reasons I have to love a 9-5 job. If you have a full time job I hope you can identify with some of these factors as well.

1. Steady Paycheck

So, the first thing I have to point out is obviously the very best thing about having a steady job. I don’t have to worry about how much money is coming into my account because I know that I will receive a check twice a month for the same amount. This makes it easy to budget and the peace of mind is quite nice as well.


2. Resources Provided by Employer

Another great thing about being someone’s employee is that the resources needed to carry out your job are provided by the employer. For instance, at my job, my employer provides my computer, software and tools to perform legal research, just to name a few examples. Even when it comes to something as basic as office supplies it’s nice to not have to buy them out of my own pocket. That’s one reason why I appreciate being an employee.

3. Benefits

My own job does not have great benefits compared to others, but I still appreciate what I do receive. I get a match up to 3% of my salary for retirement contributions as well as paid vacation and sick time. Other benefits could include a variety of types of insurance (medical, dental, vision, short term disability, life), profit sharing, stock options, generous maternity/paternity benefits and more. If I were self-employed, I would be responsible for 100% of these things.


4. Social Interaction

The social interaction provided by coworkers can be a really great benefit of a 9-5 job. Some extroverts may thrive on spending time and working with others. Even introverts, such as myself, can appreciate having coworkers to chat with throughout the day. I really enjoy the people I work with and I would even consider most to be friends.